Experimenting with innovation processes: the case of reinventing a museum through collaboration

Marine Agogué, Anna Yström


This paper explores how experimenting with collaborative processes contributes to reinventing the purpose and practices of an organization. Based on a case study of the Insectarium of Montréal, we focus on the 2-year collaborative process orchestrated by the director, involving employees, experts and visitors. Our findings show several organizational implications of engaging in this type of experimentation: specifically, beyond enabling the collective generation of new ideas, experimenting through collaboration is an excellent opportunity to renew the organization’s practices and support the development of a reflexive leadership. This suggests that despite the inherent challenges associated with organizational experiments, there are clear benefits of engaging in such experiments to stimulate innovation.


Innovation processes; collaboration; experiments

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23726/cij.2017.480


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